We expertise in:

  • Air Pollutions Controls Systems

    A. Fume Exhaust System
      Welding Fume Exhaust System
      Forging Fume & Foundry Cooling Line Exhaust System
      Grinding & Buffing Dust Collection   Tablet Coating Exhaust System
      Die Casting Machine Exhaust System
      Melting Furance Smoke Exhaust system
      Electronic Soldering Fume Exhaust System
      Commercial Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation
    B. Automobile Industries
      Air Shower Unit
      Air Washer Unit
      Accoustic Encloser for Vehicle Dynamo Testing
      Accoustic Encloser for Vibro Machine & D.G. Set.
      Vehicle Testing Blowers.

  • Expertise in HVAC Systems and Air Pollutions Controls Systems & Blowers

    HVAC System for Pharmaceutical Industries & Hospitals & ORs
     As per USFDA, WHO
    Schedule M & CGMP requirements
     Air Handling Unit
     Clean Rooms for class 100000
     class 10000 and even class 100
     Laminar Flow Unit
     Pass box
     Variable air volume units

  • Blowers

    We Design & Manufacturer widw range of blowers, Industrial blowers for various industries including ventilation, dust collection, air handling & HVAC sysytems
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  • Ventilation Systems for Basements, Commercial Kitchen and Car Park Area

    We design & supplying Jet Fans, ESPs for Commercial Kitchen, Basements and Car Park Area.