Cartridge Dust Collectors

We at Aarco offer two types of Cartridge Dust collectors. Each has its advantages and a wide range applications.

Types of Dust Collector
  • Vertically
  • Horizontally installed cartridges

Cartridge filters are energy efficient with provision of larger air-to-cloth ratio. Generally recommended for industries chemical processing, minerals, blasting, welding, plasma cutting, dry powder handling, and metal finishing etc.

  • Built-in inlet plenum to reduce cartridge loading
  • Modular construction
  • Cartridge top plates linked together to make changing a breeze
  • Easy cartridge change-outs and small cartridges reduce the weight of loaded cartridges
  • Quick opening access doors
  • Factory installed and testing cleaning system
  • Low outlet emissions system
  • Low outlet emissionsEnergy saving features such as “on-demand” pressure cleaning and low-pressure drop and a large selection of media specific to the requirements are only a few of the advantages offered.