Basement Ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation Jet Fans

Aarco Basement ventilation fans are available in various configurations and models. Come withDouble Fanged casing in mild steel or galvanized steel. Fans can be DIDW SISW with Aluminum Impeller. Motors up to 2.2kW above are with star/delta starting. Uni-directional, reversible fan available upon request. Silencer Outer casing made of galvanized steel sheet and inner casing made of galvanized steel perforated sheet. Inlet bell-mouth provided for smooth airfow. Glass fibre filler material to achieve excellent acoustic performance. Each model is available with 2D silencer as standard. Non-standard length to meet special performance requirement can be supplied upon. CFD analysis available. Insulation Class F Class H available.

  • Complete Range for Diaupto 1600mm
  • Temperatures tested for 250Deg C 2 Hours and 400Deg C 1 Hour.
  • High Strength Robust design as per ISO 1940 and ISO1461.
  • SmokeSpill Fans upto 300000 m3/H and 1300 pa static available.