Dust Collector Blowers

We regularly manufacture and supply Blowers to Dust Collector OEMs all over India as well as overseas
In dust collection systems, blower collects dust from generating point and carry it via ducting to Dust Collector. The dust collector may be of Scrubbing type, Bag Type, Cartridge or Cyclone Type.
Based on the chemical reactivity of dust particles, dust collector blower for chemical dust and scrubber applications, can be made of following material
1. Mild Steel Blowers with epoxy painting.
2. PP Blowers (Polypropylene Blowers)
3. FRP Blowers
4. SS Blowers (Stainless Steel Blowers made from SS-304/316)
We are supplies of dust collector blowers for many of the dust collection system manufacturers in India.

  • Grinding dust collectors forof abrasive particles
  • Powder dust in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Spice Grinding processes, Chemical Industries, Buffing processes.
  • Wood working Dustgenerating in particle board/ furniture industries.