Gas Scrubber

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Gas scrubbers are air pollution control devices that use a high-energy liquid spray to remove aerosol and gaseous pollutants from an air stream. Gas scrubbers are commonly used to help control emissions of gases into the atmosphere. The basic wet scrubber consists of a vessel with adequate cross-sectional area to provide the correct air velocity, a depth of packing media for distributing scrubbing solution like caustic or base solution that can capture and neutralize the gases, recirculation system to provide the correct volume of solution throughout the packing and a demister pad or mist eliminator to prevent excess scrubbing solution from re-entraining into the exhaust stack. The gas stream passes through a bed of structured or randomly packed media. The packed media used here is pall rings which absorbs maximum amount of gas contents and gives minimum static pressure drop. Scrubber sprays chambers and spray nozzles is designed to thoroughly saturate the media. Sufficient numbers of nozzles are provided for packing irrigation to ensure that no portions of the packed bed remain dry. The material of construction may be MS / SS304 / SS316L or PP/ FRP depending on characteristics of fume.