Bifurcated Axial Fans

Bifurcatedaxialfans are direct driven axial fans where the motor is kept out of the airstream. Bifurcated Fans are useful in situations In industrial ventilation applications where the motor is to be kept out of the airstream due to certain temperature or types of gases or fumes.They come in various constructions and sizes 12 inches up till 48 inches dia.

These fans are heavy duty built to withstand high temperatures of up to 200°C (392°F). It is constructed using mild steel and equipped with an aluminum impeller and a motor with Class F insulation. These fans can be fitted with standard three-phase or single-phase motors. Additionally, motors compliant with ATEX Zone 1 or 2 specifications can be installed upon request to meet specific safety requirements. The standard finish for this fan is also galvanized, but can also be done in Stainless Steel and PVC. Special corrosion-resistant finishes can be provided.

We manufacture and supply bifurcated axial fans all over India and even to countries like USA UAE Dubai Qatar Kuwait Oman.

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