Air Washer Units

Airwasher Unit evaporative cooler unit comprise inlet louvers, filter section, cellulose media, water distribution system, pump, centrifugal fan, in a single or double skin construction. The special angle flute arrangement of pads withdraws the sensible heat of air as the heat of evaporation, brings down the temperature of ai from 8-10 degree celsius. The humidification media is impregnated with decay resisting chemical and mist eliminators. These units are available from 5000CMH to 250,000CMH. We customize and manufacture Direct Indirect 2 stage evaporative cooling units.

  • Direct Indirect 2 stage evaporative cooling units
  • Cellulose Matrix Type
  • Single Spray
  • Double Spray Unitary Type


  • InHouse Design and manufacturing
  • Heavy duty Construction
  • Customizable for CFM, Filtration
  • Energy saving and low maintainence